Ultramax Super R Attic Insulation

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Reflect Heat and Reduce Energy Bills by up to 25%!

Able to reflect an amazing 97% of radiant heat, Ultramax Super R Attic insulation combines exceptional thermal protection with an environmentally friendly design that can not only reduce home energy bills, but can also help homeowners qualify for a federal tax credit! In fact, studies show that adding Ultramax Super R Attic insulation to a home’s current insulation is more efficient than five additional inches of traditional fiberglass insulation.

Fiberglass and cellulose insulation protect homes against heat transfer due to conduction and convection – what R-values measure – but there is a third type of heat transfer, one that can significantly affect the indoor temperature of a home: emission, or radiant energy transfer. Emission refers to the direct transfer of heat like that which happens when the sun heats up asphalt on a summer day. Just as energy from the sun can affect the temperature of a parking lot, it can make your home very warm. But, Ultramax Super R Attic Insulation reflects the heat coming from the sun, effectively protecting it from this heat, and keeping your air conditioner from having to work overtime. Plus, Ultramax Super R Attic insulation also traps heat inside your home during the winter, helping you keep power bills down all year round.

Benefits of Ultramax Super R Attic Insulation Include:

    • Works with the existing insulation in a home rather than replacing it
    • Perfect for Green renovations
    • Provides protection against radiant energy transfer, while traditional insulation does not
    • Can help you qualify for a $500 federal tax credit, and is the only radiant barrier insulation that can do so
    • Perfect for insulating interior and exterior walls, basements, and ceilings in addition to attics

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